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Florida Lotto Magic

Have you ever heard about someone winning the Lottery and thought to
yourself…that will never happen to me. I have heard people say that so many times.

If you ask them, did you buy a ticket? The answer is usually…. no! You can’t win if you don’t play!

When we lived in Alabama, I could only play Lottery if we were fortunate enough to visit the Beach in Panama City. That amounted to about once a year if we were lucky!

Evidently a lot of other Alabamians thought buying a Florida Lottery ticket was a good ideal too. There have been at least 26 winners from Alabama. The jackpot wins range from $3 Million to over 30 Million! People from every walk of life. This doesn’t include 4 and 5 number wins that aren’t in the records.

Eventually we moved to Panama City Beach, Florida. We purchased tickets regularly. We regularly forgot to buy our Lottery tickets also! I was always
upset when we would forget.

No ticket, No chance to win the jackpot!

Lotto Magic has been in business since 1996. Plus they were located
just up the road in Ft. Walton. If only I had known about Lotto Magic
back then. I would have never missed a Lottery drawing! Lotto Magic allows you to play Florida Lottery from anywhere in the world!

In our area of Panama City Beach there have been at least 9 large Jackpot winners!
The largest was $89 Million.

We are now living in South Florida. Our small Marco Island has a fellow citizen who won a share of a $105 Million Florida Lottery Jackpot! His
former occupation as a financial advisor should come in handy.

Lotto Magic does not guarantee a win. The same is true for entering a contest, sweepstakes or buying a Florida Lottery Ticket at your local store, there are NO guarantees you will win. But you have a chance just like everyone else that has entered!

Lotto Magic allows you to join as a Player. You are joined with a pool of 7 other people for $25.00 a month. You will be playing with 8 numbers 2 times per week.

If you would like to earn commissions by building your own Team. You may sign up as a Team Captain for $50.00 per month. After I signed up
two other Team Captains I am already playing for free!

Now that Lotto Magic has added PowerBall play, there are even more reasons to sign up!

Besides the opportunity to build a nice income ….I will NEVER forget to
buy my Florida Lottery tickets again! Click here and decide for yourself!

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