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Florida Lotto Magic is an exciting way to play the Florida Lottery.There are hundreds of lottery winning systems to pick lotto numbers.

They calculate the odds of numbers hitting using various wheeling systems. I have purchased several books on the topic by author Gail Howard.

Some of these systems can be quite complicated. I usually end up with a headache and a pocket full of Quick picks! They do work. I have compared the number combinations chosen and the winning Lotto numbers came up in the list of combinations! The catch to this is I would have had to play hundreds of combinations. This is financially impossible for most folks.

Really no matter what method you use, buying more tickets is the best way to increase your odds. Florida Lotto Magic uses both. Calculated number picks and increasing the number of tickets you play.

With Florida Lotto Magic, it doesn’t matter what state or country you live in …you can play the Florida Lottery two times per week. And now that Lotto magic has added Powerball You can sign up to play both games two times per week.

I understand and agree, playing the Lottery is not a way to earn money. Believe me, I should know,

I have played since 1990! However, with Lotto Magic you can actually earn an income while playing the Florida Lottery!

Speaking for myself, I would rather have the choice of spending a dollar for Lotto than have a dollar, like it or not, taken out of my pocket for another tax! Plus it’s a cheap thrill!

Almost everybody dreams of winning the big one! If we won …I think my Hubby might float up into the air, from having the weight of the money worries lifted off him! Me….I would sleep for a week, having sweet dreams of burning the bills!

I am happy to admit I am a dreamer and a sucker for a When I read about the regular Joe who won, I can’t help but dream about the day it could happen to my family! So I play two times a week every week for that chance.

During a late night of researching home money making ideas….I stumbled across a post explaining the benefits of being part of a Lotto Pool. That was perfect for me. I could cut down on my Lotto spending while increasing my odds of winning!

While I was reading this post I wasn’t even thinking about making money….just how I could increase my odds of winning the jackpot with more tickets.

The Florida Lotto Magic website answered many of my questions. This pool also gives you the opportunity to make an income referring other people. I can be a Team Player to increase my odds of winning the Lotto with 7 other people. Or I can choose to be a Team Captain to increase my odds of winning plus the possibility of making a substantial income.

I was very comfortable knowing Lotto Magic is based in Ft. Walton, Florida, a location which I am very familiar with. They have been in business since 1996!

So …I took the plunge and signed up! I am very excited about this opportunity. I will keep you up to date on my progress and earnings.

Although, if my Lotto Magic pool wins the jackpot…..you will not have to read about it online….you will hear me shouting the news!!!!!!!

If you enjoy playing the Lottery….. take a look at the

Or you can call 1-877-526-6957 toll-free anytime
and request your Free Club Booklet.
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Just for taking a look, you will also be entered into the next Florida Lottery drawing FREE!

Florida Lotto Jackpots are always at least 3 Million Dollars and held every Wed. and Sat. at 11PM EST. You could win a share of the next jackpot just for taking a look at Lotto Magic!

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