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Greetings from Paradise…..Fabulous Florida!

Welcome to our first website. Follow my husband and me, a couple of novice computer users, as we begin our quest to make money from home via the Internet. We hope our experiences will inspire you to consider the money making possibilities for yourself.

My goal is small…to make $1000.00 per month. On the other hand his goals are so huge I can’t even begin to dream that big! We have no idea how we will accomplish these goals……but I invite you to watch us succeed or fall on our faces.

My first look at the internet was in 1999. The amount of information available was amazing! I thought there must be a way to make money using the web but how?

In the beginning I had a little too much fun with all the shopping. I was steady spending I knew somebody was making money! My excuse was I am just not smart enough to figure out the Internet world.

Well, here I am 9 years older and still wondering.

I have decided to JUST DO IT! I will learn as I go!

I hope you will too!

Solo Build It!

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We never knew how great the internet could be until we signed up for High Speed Internet Service, Thanks Comcast!